Energy dependence of the spin excitation anisotropy in uniaxial-strained BaFe1.9Ni0.1As2

Song, Yu
Lu, Xingye
Abernathy, D.L.
Tam, David W.
Niedziela, J.L.
Tian, Wei
Luo, Huiqian
Si, Qimiao
Dai, Pengcheng
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American Physical Society

We use inelastic neutron scattering to study the temperature and energy dependence of the spin excitation anisotropy in uniaxial-strained electron-doped iron pnictide BaFe1.9Ni0.1As2 near optimal superconductivity (Tc=20K). Our work has been motivated by the observation of in-plane resistivity anisotropy in the paramagnetic tetragonal phase of electron-underdoped iron pnictides under uniaxial pressure, which has been attributed to a spin-driven Ising-nematic state or orbital ordering. Here we show that the spin excitation anisotropy, a signature of the spin-driven Ising-nematic phase, exists for energies below ∼60 meV in uniaxial-strained BaFe1.9Ni0.1As2. Since this energy scale is considerably larger than the energy splitting of the dxz and dyz bands of uniaxial-strained Ba(Fe1−xCox)2As2 near optimal superconductivity, spin Ising-nematic correlations are likely the driving force for the resistivity anisotropy and associated electronic nematic correlations.

Journal article

Song, Yu, Lu, Xingye, Abernathy, D.L., et al.. "Energy dependence of the spin excitation anisotropy in uniaxial-strained BaFe1.9Ni0.1As2." Physical Review B, 92, no. 18 (2015) American Physical Society: 180504(R).

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