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The Rice Research Repository (R-3) provides access to research produced at Rice University, including theses and dissertations, journal articles, research center publications, datasets, and academic journals. Managed by Fondren Library, R-3 is indexed by Google and Google Scholar, follows best practices for preservation, and provides DOIs to facilitate citation. Woodson Research Center collections, including Rice Images and Documents and the Task Force on Slavery, Segregation, and Racial Injustice, can be found at here.


Recent Submissions

Method for printing objects having laser-induced graphene (LIG) and/or laser-induced graphene scrolls (LIGS) materials
(2023-11-07) Tour, James M.; Luong X, Duy; Subramanian, Ajay; William Marsh Rice University; United States Patent and Trademark Office
Laser-induced graphene (LIG) and laser-induced graphene scrolls (LIGS) materials and, more particularly to LIGS, methods of making LIGS (such as from polyimide (PI)), laser-induced removal of LIG and LIGS, and 3D printing of LIG and LIGS using a laminated object manufacturing (LOM) process.
Social Catholicism & the Origins of Mondragon
(Rice University, 2023) Gilchrist, Carson
Tracking the Debate of the Indian Tariff Act of 1919
(Rice University, 2023) Cidambi, Varun
Back Matter Spring 2023
(Rice University, 2023) Rice Historical Review
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