What Does Your Data Need?


What does research data need so that it can live on after the experiment is over? Challenges facing Rice researchers in successfully (and strategically) managing their research data include formulating an effective data management plan, cultivating the data with proper organization and description, and protecting it against future loss (or decay). To better inform Rice’s overall research data management strategies, the university’s Research Data Management Team (RDMT) -- a virtual organization that develops services and identifies resources on research data management -- will present a poster that discusses the resources and expertise that the RDMT -- in collaboration with Rice's Office of Information Technology, Center for Research Computing, and Office of Proposal Development -- utilizes to carry out data planning, curation, and sharing.

This poster was presented at the Rice Data Science Meet-Up on September 25, 2015 hosted by The Ken Kennedy Institute for Information Technology.

Carlson, Scott, Spiro, Lisa, Weimer, Kathy, et al.. "What Does Your Data Need?." (2015) https://hdl.handle.net/1911/81719.

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