A Nonlinear Differential Semblance Algorithm for Waveform Inversion

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This thesis proposes a nonlinear differential semblance approach to full waveform inversion as an alternative to standard least squares inversion, which cannot guarantee a reliable solution, because of the existence of many spurious local minima of the objective function for typical data that lacks low-frequency energy. Nonlinear differential semblance optimization combines the ability of full waveform inversion to account for nonlinear physical effects, such as multiple reflections, with the tendency of differential semblance migration velocity analysis to avoid local minima. It borrows the gather-flattening concept from migration velocity analysis, and updates the velocity by flattening primaries-only gathers obtained via nonlinear inversion. I describe a general formulation of this algorithm, its main components and implementation. Numerical experiments show for simple layered models, standard least squares inversion fails, whereas nonlinear differential semblance succeeds in constructing a kinematically correct model and fitting the data rather precisely.

Doctor of Philosophy
Waveform inversion, Nonlinear differential semblance optimization, Extended modeling, Low-frequency control

Sun, Dong. "A Nonlinear Differential Semblance Algorithm for Waveform Inversion." (2013) Diss., Rice University. https://hdl.handle.net/1911/71694.

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