Metal-Free Dual Modal Contrast Agents Based on Fluorographene Quantum Dots


Fluorographene quantum dots prepared from fluorinated graphene oxide (FGO) show a linear dependence of the magnetization on the applied field. This is further supported by DFT calculations taking into account a few possible systems of functionalized graphene quantum dots. The inherent magnetism, high concentration of fluorine and cyto-compatibility of these quantum dots promise potential application as a dual modal agent for proton and 19F based Magnetic Resonance Imaging which is investigated here. A metal free dual modal contrast agent would bring about a great change in the efficiency and resolution of this widely used imaging tool.

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Radhakrishnan, Sruthi, Samanta, Atanu, Sudeep, Parambath M., et al.. "Metal-Free Dual Modal Contrast Agents Based on Fluorographene Quantum Dots." Particle & Particle Systems Characterization, (2016) Wiley:

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