Time-varying wavelet-based applications for evaluating the Water-Energy Nexus

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This paper quantifies the rising global dynamic, interconnected relationship between energy and water commodities. Over the last decade, increased international concern has emerged about the water-energy nexus. However, recent research still lacks a quantified understanding of the role of water within a financial-economic view of the nexus. The complexity of commodity markets contributes to this lack of understanding. These markets consist of a wide variety of participants having different objectives, resulting in non-stationary time series. Wavelets are mathematical functions that detect common time-localized oscillations in non-stationary time series. The novelty of our analysis lies in applying wavelet techniques to better quantify the financial implications and understand opportunities of the dynamic relationship that exists in the water-energy nexus. Using daily water and energy commodity ETF price data from 2007 to 2017 we deconstruct each of the time series into different horizon components and evaluate their respective wavelet transforms. Comparing the wavelet squared coherence (WSC) and the windowed scalogram difference (WSD) allows us to specify nexus similarities and differences. We further analyze the wavelet local multiple correlations (WLMC) by including S&P500 ETF price data to conditionally eliminate market effects. Previous studies heavily focused on the qualitative relationships between water and energy. Whereas, the analysis in this paper, to the best of our knowledge, is the first to confirm the time-varying relationship in a quantitative manner. The most significant financial-economic result from our analysis is that water prices, at certain time horizons, lead energy prices during specific localized economic events.

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Raath, Kim C. and Ensor, Katherine B.. "Time-varying wavelet-based applications for evaluating the Water-Energy Nexus." Frontiers in Energy Research, (2020) Frontiers: https://doi.org/10.3389/fenrg.2020.00118.

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