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Table of Contents

— Letter from the Executive Director
by Maria Nicanor (PDF)

— 2020 Spotlight Award: fala atelier (PDF)

— 2020 Houston Design Research Grant (PDF)

— Member Profile: Daimian S. Hines in Conversation with Tiffany Xu
by Tiffany Xu (PDF)

— Remembering Gerald D. Hines
by Stephen Fox (PDF)

— Being Contemporary
by Ajay Manthripragada and Piergianna Mazzocca (PDF)

— Architecture Schools
by Naho Kubota (PDF)

— A Subtle Revolution: Jeannette Kuo in Conversation with Piergianna Mazzocca
by Jeannette Kuo (PDF)

— Lauretta Vinciarelli and Historical Types as Generative Device
by Rebecca Siefert (PDF)

— Which Public? Giovanna Borasi in Conversation with Maria Nicanor
by Giovanna Borasi (PDF)

— Changing the Way You See the World: Alysa Nahmias in Conversation with Ajay Manthripragada
by Alysa Nahmias (PDF)

— The Writing on the Wall: Street Politics and Combat Graffiti
by Celeste Olalquiaga (PDF)

— Speaking in Tongues
by Will Henry (PDF)

— To Be a Vessel for the Invisible
by Ana Tuazon (PDF)

— Protest Inclusion Exclusion Return
by Zoe Middleton and Libby Viera-Bland (PDF)

— Pragmatic Geometries: Wonne Ickx in Conversation with Heather Rowell
by Wonne Ickx (PDF)

— Oil Towers
by Leonid Furmansky (PDF)

— Museum Roundup
by Jack Murphy (PDF)

— Black Lives Matter
by Rice Design Alliance and Mark Felix (PDF)


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