Cite 10, Summer 1985

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Table of Contents

— Big Cité Beat (PDF)

— Citelines
by Dana Cuff, Drexel Turner, Peter Wood, and Peter J. Holliday (PDF)

— Out of Cite: Our House the Bauhaus, Or, Life Without Laura Ashley
by Architect’s Wife (PDF)

— From Loop, To Loop, To Loop
by Cameron Armstrong (PDF)

— The Insider's View of Outside the Loop
by Jerry Wood (PDF)

— The Stuff of Dreams: New Housing Outside the Loop: The Work of Kauman Meeks
by Mark A. Hewitt (PDF)

— Ground Rights
by Rosellen Brown (PDF)

— CiteSurvey: The Transco Fountain
by Elizabeth McBride (PDF)

— CiteSurvey: The Mesa
by Stephan Hoffpauir (PDF)

— Citeations (PDF)

— HindCite: Crabbing About Preservation
by John Kaliski and Stephen Fox (PDF)

— Aubade (Houston, 1985)
by Susan Wood (PDF)


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