Rice Historical Review Spring 2017

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The Rice Historical Review is a research journal designed to showcase outstanding scholarly works produced by Rice University's undergraduate students.

Table of Contents

In order of appearance.

—Front Matter (PDF | 317 kB)

—The Politics of Policy: the Obama Doctrine and the Arab Spring
by Hannah Tyler (PDF | 6.2 MB )

—Free Labor through Marx's Capital
by Walden Pemantle (PDF | 2.7 MB)

—The Work of Women: Middle Class Domesticity in Eighteenth Century British Literature
by Abi McDougal (PDF | 3.2 MB)

—Women on the Oil Frontier: Gender and Power in Aramco's Arabia
by Benjamin Jones (PDF | 4.7 MB )

—The Decay of the State
by Nikolai Hood (PDF | 13 MB )

—The Religion of Thomas Jefferson
by James Altschul (PDF | 4.1 MB)

—Back Matter (PDF | 903 kB )

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