The nursing unit of the general hospital

dc.contributor.advisorDe Zurko, Edward R.
dc.creatorKerr, Kenneth Edmund Robert
dc.description.abstractThe subject of this thesis is a presentation of research into the basic factors influencing the design of the nursing unit of the general hospital, and a study of the various components of the nursing unit. Conclusions have been set forth in general terms in the text and as diagramatic proposals and thus are adaptable to any particular design problem. The material is based on library reference, interviews, and field studies in the Hermann Hospital, Methodist Hospital, and St, Luke's Episcopal Hospital, the three general hospitals of the Texas Medical Centre, Houston, Texas. It is to be hoped that this thesis can be used as a methodological guide as to how all sections of the general hospital should be studied in order to understand and solve their special problems. I have tried to avoid the illustration of nursing unit plans throughout the thesis because I feel that widespread publication of hospital plans and stock plans, although having illustrational value, have too often served as a tracing plate to the architect. This eclecticism has hindered progressive work in hospital design by the transplanting of hospital plans from one region to another without regard to orientation, topography, amenities, or actual needs. Stock plates retard hospital architecture,
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dc.identifier.citationKerr, Kenneth Edmund Robert. "The nursing unit of the general hospital." (1956) Master’s Thesis, Rice University. <a href=""></a>.
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dc.titleThe nursing unit of the general hospital
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