A system of prefabricated concrete housing for Chile

dc.contributor.advisorNewton, Chartier
dc.creatorLiberman, Sammy
dc.description.abstractA System of Prefabricated Concrete Housing for Chile Sammy Liberman The final objective of this thesis is to contribute to the solution of the habitational problem for families of meager means in Chile. To bring about this objective, I propose the following: A rational system of construction or execution of works that involves the participation of the government, the community, and the individual. A design: a) that possesses flexibility, permitting a natural and step by step evolution of the dwelling as a function of economic resources and the progressive necessities of the inhabitant. b) that permits an effective control of functional, esthetic and stable aspects of a dwelling considered as a unit and as an entity within the urban frame. c) that reconstitutes the potentialities of the dwelling to provide to its ten- ants an adequate environment where equilibrium and dignity can be found. 3) A prefabrication system whose fundamental components are composed of concrete. The methodology for the verification of this approach includes the following: A qualitative and quantitative appreciation of the existing situation of housing in Chile. An analysis of the most common solutions and designs in use today in order to qualify their effectiveness and to be able to evaluate proposed solutions. A structural design of the main components of the dwelling. A proposal for a joint government-community venture for implementation of the project. To make evident, with respect to flexibility, the efficacy in various circumstances seen from the following points of view: From an urban scale. From its constructional, functional and esthetic aspects.
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dc.identifier.citationLiberman, Sammy. "A system of prefabricated concrete housing for Chile." (1969) Master’s Thesis, Rice University. <a href="https://hdl.handle.net/1911/89224">https://hdl.handle.net/1911/89224</a>.
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dc.titleA system of prefabricated concrete housing for Chile
thesis.degree.grantorRice University
thesis.degree.nameMaster of Architecture
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