Exchanges: Artistic Dialogues Between Tibet and China


In a dynamic exhibition, Exchanges: Artistic Dialogues Between Tibet and China explores hybridized Sino-Tibetan and Tibeto-Chinese styles from the Tang to the Qing Dynasty. China and Tibet have engaged in an iconographic dialogue, facilitated through Buddhism, for a period of over a thousand years, and a survey of this convergence of styles will present museum visitors with a visual timeline of a complex, transcultural relationship. The exhibition is organized by three sections: Secular Portraiture and Encounters, Esoteric Buddhism and Chinese Emperors, and Vajrayāna Buddhist Figures.

This paper was originally prepared for Course HART 372, Fall 2018: Chinese Art and Visual Culture, given by Professor Shih-shan Susan Huang, Department of Art History.
Art History

Ziebell, Zelda. "Exchanges: Artistic Dialogues Between Tibet and China." (2019) Rice University:

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