Structure in architectural design

dc.contributor.advisorMorehead, James C., Jr.
dc.creatorDanos, Harry John
dc.description.abstractIt is the opinion of the author, that architecture today is schismatic in its expression and in the manner in which to view it. The predominating opposing factions are "structure" in the engineers' sense of the term and "esthentics and design" in the artists' and architects' applications of the terms. The thesis maintained herein is, that "structure" and "design" being part of the same thing, architecture, are necessarily related, and as such, their simultaneous consideration should be reflected in the final product. The following dissertation attempts, primarily through the use of examples and the extraction of principles, to illustrate how the consideration of "structure and design" is or can be so reflected as an integrated entity in architecture.
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dc.identifier.callnoThesis Arch. 1953 Danosen_US
dc.identifier.citationDanos, Harry John. "Structure in architectural design." (1953) Master’s Thesis, Rice University. <a href=""></a>.
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dc.titleStructure in architectural design
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