Transformations and Transitions from the Sylvester to the Bezout Resultant

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A simple matrix transformation linking the resultant matrices of Sylvester and Bezout is derived. This transformation matrix is then applied to generate an explicit formula for each entry of the Bezout resultant, and this entry formula is used, in turn, to construct an efficient recursive algorithm for computing all the entries of the Bezout matrix. Hybrid resultant matrices consisting of some columns from the Sylvester matrix and some columns from the Bezout matrix provide natural transitions from the Sylvester to the Bezout resultant, and allow as well the Bezout construction to be generalized to two polynomials of different degrees. Such hybrid resultants are derived here, employing again the transformation matrix from the Sylvester to the Bezout resultant.

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Chionh, Eng-Wee, Goldman, Ronald and Zhang, Ming. "Transformations and Transitions from the Sylvester to the Bezout Resultant." (1999)

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