A continuous system of community facilities for the redevelopment of blighted areas in the city

dc.contributor.advisorKennon, Paul A., Jr.
dc.creatorDaly, Thomas Braden
dc.description.abstractBy looking at blighted areas it becomes clear that the development of blight is part of the growth-change-decay cycle of the city. This is sometimes effected by the form of the city structure. The location and activities of blighted areas can be seen to have positive as well as the more evident negative values. An analysis of areas which have maintained continuous redevelopment reveals that diverse activities and foci have developed. Life as opposed to dullness is evident. Society, the political structure, economics and physical form are the major contributors to the development of blight in American cities. This thesis is con-cerned primarily with the physical form of the city as this form is related to the development of blight, and as this form can be changed to encourage the redevelopment of blighted areas. Objectives for inducing redevelopment can be formulated. There must be a desire for redevelopment by the people of the area. The public policy must encourage this desire and provide a framework for redevelopment. Foci and activities existing in the area must be reinforced and expanded to provide the life necessary to stimulate redevelopment. A mechanical transportation structure and a pedestrian communication structure must be a fundamental part of this redevelopment. This thesis suggests that a continuous system of community facilities can provide the focus of a physical framework which will stimulate redevelopment of blighted areas.
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dc.identifier.callnoThesis Arch. 1967 Dalyen_US
dc.identifier.citationDaly, Thomas Braden. "A continuous system of community facilities for the redevelopment of blighted areas in the city." (1967) Master’s Thesis, Rice University. <a href="https://hdl.handle.net/1911/89534">https://hdl.handle.net/1911/89534</a>.
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dc.titleA continuous system of community facilities for the redevelopment of blighted areas in the city
thesis.degree.grantorRice University
thesis.degree.nameMaster of Architecture
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