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The Rice Research Repository (R-3) provides access to research produced at Rice University, including theses and dissertations, journal articles, research center publications, datasets, and academic journals. Managed by Fondren Library, R-3 is indexed by Google and Google Scholar, follows best practices for preservation, and provides DOIs to facilitate citation. Woodson Research Center collections, including Rice Images and Documents and the Task Force on Slavery, Segregation, and Racial Injustice, have moved here.


Recent Submissions

INSTILL: Instructor Network to Support Teaching Innovation and eLevate Learning, 2023-2024
(Rice University, 2024) Beason-Abmayr, Beth; Bennaji, Charla; Emami, Maryam; Ferguson, Todd; Gallant, Denva; Houlik-Ritchey, Emily; Powers, Scott; Reiter, Megan; Takayama, Hiromi; Center for Teaching Excellence
Cite 55, 20th Anniversary
(Rice Design Alliance, 2002)
Cite 63
(Rice Design Alliance, 2005)
Cite 60
(Rice Design Alliance, 2004)
Cite 66, Inside Stories
(Rice Design Alliance, 2006)