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The Rice Research Repository (R-3) provides access to research produced at Rice University, including theses and dissertations, journal articles, research center publications, datasets, and academic journals. Managed by Fondren Library, R-3 is indexed by Google and Google Scholar, follows best practices for preservation, and provides DOIs to facilitate citation. Woodson Research Center collections, including Rice Images and Documents and the Task Force on Slavery, Segregation, and Racial Injustice, have moved here.


Recent Submissions

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The 2024 State of Housing in Harris County and Houston
(Rice University Kinder Institute for Urban Research, 2024) Sherman, Stephen Averill; Kim, Andrew; Niznik, Aaron; Glanzer, Anna; Tobin, Alec; Potter, Daniel
The 2024 State of Housing in Harris County and Houston report explores the implications of increasing homeownership costs in the region. The report is divided into three chapters looking at where and who are homeowners, housing affordabliity and gentrification indicators.
(Rice Design Alliance, 2012) West, Allyn; Sheehy, Sandy
Ruin or Resource: Reconnecting the City and Ship Channel
(Rice Design Alliance, 2012) Savino, Monica
The Eyes of The Port: The Words and Photos of Lou Vest
(Rice Design Alliance, 2012) Lindahl, Carl